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Playground and Cafeteria Behavior



  •  First graders will have daily recess either from 1:30-2:00 or from 2:00-2:30, depending on the teacher's schedule.
  •  There will be teachers assigned to duty during the time that the children are playing.
  •  Each teacher expects her students to follow the playground rules even if she is not on duty.
  •  Each child is expected to play appropriately as to not cause deliberate harm to other students. We do not allow rough play, wrestling, hitting, kicking, or fighting.
  •  Rocks and sticks are a part of nature but are not items to be played with on the playground as this can cause harm to others.
  •  Line up quietly with your class when recess is over.
  •  Report all injuries and incidents to the teachers on duty.



  •  Each class is assigned a time for lunch, and your teacher will have that information. First grade students are expected to eat their lunch in an appropriate manner due to limited time.
  •  Students may talk to the classmates at their table and should raise their hand if a problem arises. A cafeteria monitor will then assist them.
  •  Students should stay at their seats while eating.
  •   Our cafeteria monitors ask that the students not throw food or drink, yell across the room, or kick and/or hit other students as they are walking past the table.