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A Typical Day in Kindergarten ...


Each teacher teaches in her own way, but just so you can get an idea of what your child does everyday we are including a sample of a "typical day in Kindergarten".


Good Morning Class!

7:45- Housekeeping (calling roll, taking up money, bathroom).
8:15- Circle Time - we share things, read stories, go over the calendar, say ABC's and counting.
9:15- Reading/Language Arts/Phonics
10:30- Writing/Listening/Learning New Skills
11:15 Lunch.
12:00 Library/PE/Computer Lab time
12:30 Math
2:00 Snack.
2:20- Closure (social skills, review what we did today, etc.)

Several restroom breaks are taken throughout the day, along with 10-15 minutes of quiet, "rest" time.